7 Most Qualities required to become an air hostess?

Apart from educational qualifications, what are the requirements you will have to become an air hostess?

To become a good air hostess, you should come to any decision as soon as possible because, in case of an emergency, you have to take the right decision quickly

1. Presence of mind and quick thinking

In the career of an air hostess, It is very important to have good  communication with the passengers to understand their needs.

2. Good Communication Skills

In this field, you have to travel abroad, so you should also know foreign languages, because only then can you communicate well with travelers

3. Fluency in foreign languages

You will have to be in the habit of working for long hours because whenever the ship is delayed in taking off. Then the air hostess may have to work extra hours.

4. The habit of working long hours

In this field, you need to be physically and medically fit.

5. Physically and Medically Fit

Your behavior should be friendly and frank with the passengers.

6. Pleasant personality

Your nature should be polite and helpful.

7. Politeness and Helpfulness.